The Best Crossfit Jump Rope Reviews

best crossfit jump rope reviews

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One of the most common questions we hear from Crossfit beginners at our local Box is “What is the best Crossfit jump rope for double unders?” There’s not one easy answer for this as it’s going to depend on your jump rope skill and your current level of fitness, as well as your goals. But there are a few specifics that we always look for in a good Crossfit jump rope.

The criteria that we look for in a speed jump rope for double unders is based on our personal Crossfit experience as well as observation of others from beginners through to experienced athletes, and watching how they perform when they workout and compete with different jump ropes.

What to look for in the Best Crossfit Jump Rope

There a three main characteristics that we look for in a Crossfit jump rope, based on our experience over the last few years. These crucial things we look for are:

best crossfit jump rope for double unders#1 – Quality

Your new jump rope needs to be a premium rope that is excellent quality. There is no point in buying a cheap rope that is going to break easily, or is going to hinder your ability to improve your skipping technique. You need a rope that is going to last. It is going to be a close friend at your Crossfit workouts so it is essential that you get a jump rope that you love using. A cheap and nasty rope is just going to frustrate and discourage you.

#2 – Light Weight

The best Crossfit jump ropes are always light weight. The consist of a thin, light wire cable that usually has a nylon coating to protect the wire and prevent fraying. They will also have light weight handles that encourage you to strengthen your wrists, and allow freedom of movement

#3 – Low friction movement

We always look for ropes that have smooth ball bearing mechanisms to allow for efficient movement. Bearings in the handle as well as a swivel bearing mechanism mean less bending of the cable and more efficient movement, which translates to a faster rotation. The higher the RPM you can achieve, the easier it will be to consistenly pull off double unders.

So now that we know what to look for in a double under jump rope, lets take a look a our favorites…

Our Five Best Crossfit Jump Ropes

Based on the key criteria that we look for in a rope as well as our personal experience and feedback from other Crossfit junkies, the following are our five favorite speed jump ropes for double unders:

#5 CQ Wellness Adjustable Ball Bearing Speed Rope

CQ-Wellness-Adjustable-Bearing-Speed The CQ Wellness is a nice, all round jump rope that we really like for everyday use. It’s great for general cardio fitness and ideal to keep in your gym bag. It’s not your typical speed rope which is why it comes in at number five. Instead of a wire cable, it uses a traditional ‘licorice’ plastic rope, and the handles, while very comfortable with the foam padding, are really a bit heavy for Crossfit use.

They do have excellent ball bearings and appear to be identical to some of the more expensive name-brand jump ropes, and most likely come from the same Chinese factory. At just $11.95, this is a great starter rope to get used to skipping before you try to get the hang of double unders.

#4 WOD Jump Rope by the Neptune Barbell Co.

wod jump rope by neptune barbell coIf you want a bare-bones jump rope at a bargain price, the WOD Jump Rope might just be the rope for you. It doesn’t quite meet the quality guidelines that we recommend, but at just $9.99, you could always buy a few and just throw the old ones out when they break.

They are extremely lightweight due to the fact that the wire is uncoated, but this also means that if the cable starts to frey, you could do yourself an injury. Plastic components also aren’t going to give you the smoothest movement so while it’s good bank-for-your-buck, you probably should spend a bit more and get a rope that you’ll love.

#3 Rage R2 Fitness Speed Rope

rage fitness speed rope

This is one cool rope, which comes with a lime green cable. It certainly ticks the boxes for quality with a thick nylon coating over the cable, but unfortunately that comes at the expense of weight an efficiency. This rope is going to last, but the resistance of the thicker cable means that it’s not going to be as fast as some of the other ropes available today.

The handles are very light though and feature nice, smooth ball bearings, but it lacks a swivel bearing which reduces the efficiency too. An awesome rope if longevity is what you’re after, but at $29.97, I’d be more inclined to buy two $15 lightweight ropes.

#2 HumanX X4 Jump Rope

HumanX X4 jump RopeThe HumanX X4 competition jump rope is one of my favorite jump ropes for competition purposes. It’s a really nice design, of a decent quality. The handles are lightweight and offer adequate grip. The cable is super lightweight, but not designed for longevity. This is a rope that you keep for special occasions rather than day-to-day WOD use.

The resizing is a set-and-forget setup too. Once you get your length right from regular use of an everyday WOD rope like the Inpired Fitness Gear rope, you can use that length for the HumanX X4 rope and be all set for competition. Highly recommended when you get to a competitive level and priced well at $26.99 on Amazon.

But for day-to-day Crossfit workouts and learning to master double unders, our favorite speed jump rope is…

#1 Inspired Fitness Gear Speed Jump Rope

Inspired Fitness Gear Speed Jump Rope

Once you’ve tried this all-round Crossfit Jump Rope from Inspired Fitness Gear, you’ll see why we give it the number one rating on our review list. This one really does tick all the boxes at the best Crossfit jump rope.

It’s an amazing quality rope, with extremely lightweight construction. The wire cable is just the right thickness with a thin nylon coating for longevity. Just the right balance for optimum speed. The handles are extremely light and have good metal swivel cable attachments and smooth ball bearings. Another nice feature is that the length is easily adjustable, which is very important because you will want to gradually reduce the length as your skills improve.

I’ve been using this rope for a few months now and it keeps going and going. And at a very reasonable low price  on Amazon, there’s no reason not to get two so you always have a spare (and they actually give you a 10% discount if you buy two on Amazon with the coupon code LFCVKMLK)

October 2016 Update – Our New #1 Crossfit Jump Rope is the WOD Nation Rope

Inspired Fitness Gear appears to no longer sell their Crossfit Jump Rope on Amazon, so we’ve updated the links to point to the WOD Nation Crossfit jump rope. Why have we done this? Because WOD Nation’s rope is virtually identical to the old Inspired rope, but they also include a spare cable, extra adjustment screws incase you lose some, and a handy carry bag to stop your jump rope from tangling in your gym bag. And all this at a price that is less than Inspired Fitness Gear charged for their rope.

The WOD Nation rope features the same handle design, with the double bearing design and a thin coated wire rope that is super fast. Our new recommendation is without a doubt the WOD Nation Jump Rope which you can purchase on Amazon in a variety of colors too.

Where to buy the Best Crossfit Jump Rope?

There are plenty of places where you can buy speed jump ropes, everywhere from your local gym or Crossfit box, to your sports stores and a multitude of online stores. but the best variety is going to be on Amazon. Our #1 Jump Rope, the Inspired Fitness Gear Speed Rope is currently only available on Amazon, so if you would like to see this rope and more, just click the button below…

best crossfit jump rope at Amazon


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