Choosing The Best Double Under Jump Rope

choosing the best double under jump rope

So it’s time to buy yourself a new jump rope? Awesome! But it can be difficult to know what to look for in the best double under jump rope so that you can start crushing your WOD times. And with literally hundreds of ‘speed jump ropes’ on the market, how can you possibly know which one to choose?

We first of all, we’ll run through the key things that we think are important in a jump rope for Crossfit WODs and the most important features to help you master double unders much more quickly.

For a quick summary, we highly recommend watching this short video which shows a comparison between a typical basic jump rope and one of the more premium ropes on the market:

Key criteria of the Best Double Under Jump Rope

If you watched the video, you should know enough to be able to pick a good one from the bad but here’s a break down of what you need to look for:

Coated Wire Cable

A great from for learning double unders will be made of a thin wire and have a nylon coating. The coating is essential for your personal protection. You’re going to whip yourself. Lots. But if a bare wire rope starts to frey, you’re going to cut yourself up too. Not pretty.

On the other end of the scale, there are jump ropes that are plastic, leather or rope. None of these are going to give you the speed or rigidity to allow you to learn double unders, and you’ll just wind up frustrated.

Easy Length Adjustment

You need to be able to quickly and easily adjust the length of the rope. Double Under jump ropes like the Inspired Fitness Gear jump rope has a quick adjustment screw which allow you to do quick tweaks on the go.

Some ropes require a screw driver, or worse, a unique tool to change the length so these should be best avoided.

Ball Bearings and Swivel Mechanism

The more efficient your jump rope is, the faster you’ll be able to skip and the easier it will be to master double unders. The best double under jump ropes have good quality ball bearings in the handle, as well as a smooth swivel mechanism connecting the rope.

These features are essential for any Crossfit jump rope and should not be compromised. Fortunately, there are some good quality, affordable ropes on the market such as our favorite, the Inspired Fitness Gear jump rope.

Light Weight Handles

Finally, we think light weight handles are an important feature as this really helps to reduce fatigue in the forearms so you can keep skipping for longer.

The Best Double Under Jump Rope

There are hundreds of double under jump ropes available today, but there are very few that are available under $20 and also meet all of the criteria that we this in essential if you want to master double unders quickly. The best Crossfit jump rope that we have found through lots of testing and talking with other Crossfitters is the Inspired Fitness Gear jump rope which can be purchased on Amazon. And they also have a coupon for 10% off LFCVKMLK if you buy two so why not get one for home and one for the gym bag?!

best crossfit jump rope at Amazon